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Please help if you can and we must advise that the official portal for the long questionnaire has suffered from IT issues and therefore you might like to email your responses instead. The quick questionnaire doesn't appear to suffer from the same problems.

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South Sittingbourne and its villages could be earmarked for massive development

We are totally opposed to the plans from Quinn Estates to build 11,250 houses, 120,000 sqm of commercial space, a new motorway junction and Sittingbourne Southern Relief Road connecting the M2 to the A2 in Bapchild. We expect planning application to be submitted in summer 2018 so sign up so we can alert you what you can do next to help.

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How can you help?

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Why should you be concerned?

Even though the Southern Relief Road was firmly rejected by an independent government inspector, a number of councillors, many from Faversham have railroaded this into council policy.

Whilst there is some pretence around the notion that the council remains impartial and open to making its mind up, a number of councillors have freely admitted that the plans for the Southern Relief Road will require thousands of houses. Some have actually lobbied for it including the three Kent County Councillors who represent Sittingbourne.

If this were to go ahead Sittingbourne would be building 76.5% of the borough's housing whilst Faversham would only contribute 6.8% and yet the current population split is approx. 46% and 24% which demonstrates clearly why these proposals are driven by Faversham councillors.

09 May 2018

Act now to stop plans for thousands of houses around Kent Science Park

Swale Borough Council is looking at supplying even more housing in Swale than has been identified by Government.
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13 Jan 2018

Help Protect Our Lovely Wildlife

We need your help. With regard to protecting our lovely wildlife, you may find the following information useful
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29 Dec 2017

Your help required!

It’s kicking off; Kent Science Park and its developer partners namely Quinn/GH Dean/Attwood have a habit of ruining festivities so here it is; it affects South Sittingbourne, Rodmersham, Tunstall, Bredgar, Milstead and Bapchild etc.....
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09 Mar 2017

Job losses at Sittingbourne call centre Go Response

Workers at Go Response on the Kent Science Park near Borden have been told the company, which was recently taken over by rival firm Direct Response, will shut up shop on March 31.
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The key proposals and why we object

The housing

Although not included in the current local plan up to 2031, the 11,250 houses have been proposed as well as a new link road from the A2 in Bapchild to the M2 near the Kent Science Park.

This housing is not required to support population growth or inward immigration from other parts of Kent or the UK. We have just spent over 7 years agreeing our housing figures during which time the Kent Science Park remained silent on the matter.

The borough council however is also keen on using this unprecedented scale of development to meet housing targets that have not yet been forced on us and specifically with the intension of funding a Southern Relief Road.

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The expansion

The Kent Science Park wishes to expand its site more than three times its present size with the view of creating 11,000 new jobs, which would make it the largest science park in the UK.

We say lets build on the back of proven success and make the most of the existing site and unbuilt planning permissions before considering a major expansion.

Just over a year ago Kent Science Park claimed they could create thousands of new jobs without expansion.

Proposals put forward for the current local plan for a larger expansion were not included due to a lack of evidence.

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The road

No longer a part of Swale Borough Councils Local Plan after being rejected by a government inspector, and with the evidence for the road appearing to fall short on a number of significant points and suggestions of seriously high levels of traffic on the rural road network, A2 and M2.
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